Left Handed Scissors for the forgotten 10% of the population.

If you are left handed and never used proper left handed scissors with adapted handles and blades then these will be a real gamechanger for both comfort and ease of use.

left handed scissors

Are you a left handed person looking for the perfect pair of scissors? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will help you find exactly what you need - a pair of left-handed scissors with the right blades and handle.

If you're left-handed, it can be a real struggle to find tools that work for you. It is really noticeable with scissors. Trying to use right handed scissors can be a struggle.

Left-handed scissors should not only be comfortable to grip, but the higher blade should be to the left of the lower blade so that the lefties can see the line of cut. It is no good just taking ordinary scissors and changing the handles.

You'll be able to cut accurately in a fraction of the time with specially designed left handed scissors! Plus, ergonomic handles mean less fatigue with a lot of cutting too. Stop wasting your energy fighting against right-handed pairs - try out innovative left-handed scissors instead!

Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors

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Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors - Ergonomically Contoured - 8" Stainless Steel - Paper and Fabric Scissors for Office, and Arts and Crafts

If you're a left handed person searching for the perfect cutting tool, the Fiskars Left-Handed Scissors are the answer! These are not your average scissors. They are designed with true left-handed blades that make cutting not only possible but easy and efficient for left-handed users.

Imagine cutting through a wide variety of materials, from denim to silk, and even multiple layers of fabric effortlessly! That's what these high-grade, precision-ground, stainless steel blades offer.

These scissors retain a sharp edge that cuts all the way to the tip, promising precision with every cut. Moreover, the ergonomically sculpted handle fits perfectly in your hand, offering maximum control over your cutting.

The bent handle design of the scissors is an added advantage, keeping your material flat and making cutting mistake-free. Invest in these Fiskars scissors, and open the door to a world of convenient and effortless cutting!

YAZEMKEL Left-Hand Scissors Stainless Steel 3-Pack, 8 inch.

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YAZEMKEL Left-Hand Scissors Stainless Steel 3-Pack, 8 inch.

These left handed scissors are an absolute boon for left-handed users. Their true left-handed blades are specifically designed to provide an easy and effective cutting experience tailored just for you!

The ergonomic handle of the scissors not only fits comfortably in your hand but also ensures you maintain a relaxed grip, adding to your convenience. The scissors are eight inches long and perfectly sized for ease of use on paper, carboard and fabric. And guess what? You get not just one, but three pairs of these left-handled scissors for smooth efficiency. You can leave each pair of scissors in separate rooms to be readily accessible.

Lefty’s Left-Handed Scissors - Stainless Steel Durable Blades

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Lefty’s Left-Handed Scissors - Stainless Steel Durable Blades - Great for Sewing, Cutting Fabric, Kitchen, General Purpose, School items - Gifts for Left-Handed People, Adults, Student, Men and Women

Say hello to the most vibrant and dynamic left handed scissors, tailor-made for all the lefties out there! These one-of-a-kind scissors, featuring a unique Japanese stainless steel technology, are not only rainbow-colored but also have the blades positioned just right for left-handed use. They make an ideal gift for various occasions, be it Christmas, Birthday, or Back-to-School.

Sized at 9.5 inches overall and with 4.5-inch blades, they are robust in build and exceptionally sharp, making them not suitable for children. The Left-Handed Store takes great pride in these waterproof and incredibly sharp left handed scissors. Working with these will have you wondering "How have I ever managed without these?" Thanks to the reversed blades, you can see your cut immediately, without any awkward flipping or inverse cutting. However, the best part is our "No Sale is Ever Final Lefty Guarantee". from ear to ear.

Westcott 16935 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Lefty Carbo-Titanium Scissors

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Westcott 16935 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Lefty Carbo-Titanium Scissors For Office and Home

What a pleasure it is to use the Westcott 16935 8-Inch Heavy-Duty Carbo-Titanium Scissors! These left-handed scissors are the embodiment of craftsmanship, offering an exceptional cutting experience for both office and home use. Cutting through fabric, boxes, and even plastic packaging has never been easier, thanks to the corrosion-resistant blades.

The scissor blades are not only high-performance, but also feature a patented Carbo-Titanium bonding. This provides a staggering eight times the strength of untreated stainless steel blades and ensures they stay sharper for longer.

The ergonomic handle is another fantastic feature of these scissors. Soft yet reinforced, it has been designed to meet your heavy-duty cutting needs, making it a joy to use for extensive tasks. Whether it's craft, fabric, scrapbooking, or sewing needs, these scissors impress.

These are a game-changer for left-handed individuals. They're so versatile and convenient that they're perfect for any office, mailroom, art project, or scrapbooking endeavor.

Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors

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Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors, Stainless Steel Blade Soft Grip Shears for the Left-handed

You'll absolutely love the durable and rust-resistant stainless steel of the Seki Japan Multifunctional Kitchen Scissors, designed specifically for left-handed use.

These shears are perfect for beginners and professionals alike, offering wide, thick, and serrated blades that glide through slippery food, pre-packaged materials, and vinyl without a hitch. Plus, they come with a handy projection on the handle which makes opening cans or cracking hard shells a breeze, ideal for anyone who prefers to keep their nails pristine or finds gripping hard.

With a size of 215 x 83 x 14 mm and a weight of 138g, these scissors are designed with a comfortable plastic (EVA) handle and a stainless steel blade. Proudly made in Seki city, a place renowned for its esteemed cutlery industry, these scissors uphold the high-quality craftsmanship recognized both domestically and overseas.

These strong and precise scissors, meticulously crafted by Japanese artisans, are a game changer for your kitchen experience!


Life would be a lot easier for Left handed people with a pair of truely left handed scissors rather than right handed ones. Whether using for paper craft, cloth or food the appropriate scissors will make things so much easier.