Stainless Steel Table With Wheels - the convenient mobile worktop.

Stainless steel work tables present an exceptional combination of versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. With the mobility of wheels, they are perfect for the home or commercial kitchen.

Stainless steel kitchen table with wheels

Are you a busy mom or home cook constantly on the go? If so, then you know how important it is to have a reliable and efficient work station. A stainless steel table with wheels may be the perfect way to maximize your workspace while keeping up with daily tasks! We will compare the value of a stainless steel table with wheels, so that you can make an educated decision about whether this product is right for your kitchen. From its versatility in different areas to its quality material construction, investing in a high-quality stainless steel prep table could potentially save you time and energy each day – making meal prep easier than ever before!

How We choose

Are you on the hunt for a reliable and durable stainless steel table with wheels? Look no further! Choosing the best one can be overwhelming, but we're here to help. We've checked hundreds of review from authority sites to the purchases of the at home amateur.

First things first, consider the size you need - larger stainless steel prep tables are great for bigger projects, while smaller ones are better for compact spaces. Next, we pay attention to the table's weight capacity - make sure it can handle the intended load. A quality durable stainless steel table should be sturdy, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. We don't forget about the wheels, too! They must be sturdy, roll smoothly, and preferably have locking mechanisms. With these considerations, we have produced a shortlist of the best stainless steel table with wheels for your needs. All of these are NSF certified which means they all would be suitable for a restaurant.

Note that all listings are available in a number of sizes which can be seen when you check the current price.

Seville Classics NSF Commercial Stainless Steel Top Work Table Island Utility Cart Prep Station

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Seville Classics NSF Commercial Stainless Steel Top Work Table Island Utility Cart Prep Station, 78 for Restaurant, Kitchen, Warehouse, Garage, Hotel, Home, 55 Steel, 24" W x 20" D x 36" H

The Seville Classics Stainless Steel Top Professional Kitchen Cart Workstation - your perfect partner for all your kitchen tasks! This beautifully crafted cart is made of top-notch chrome-plated steel and features a robust, easy-to-clean stainless steel top, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Its versatility is amplified by four smooth-rolling PVC wheels, transforming it into the ideal mobile workstation for any kitchen environment. This utility cart is certified for commercial use and is impressively strong, with capacities of 300 lbs for the stainless steel top, 100 lbs for the shelf, and 50 lbs for the nifty sliding basket. The well-ventilated steel wire shelf and 4" deep sliding basket offers easy access and adjustable storage solutions, keeping your essential kitchen tools within arm's reach.

Sized at 24" W x 20" D x 36" H, the cart provides ample workspace and assembles easily, no tools required. This sleek and modern mobile workstation is sure to delight any chef, promising to enhance your culinary experience by providing much-needed extra workspace in your kitchen.

Hally Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work 24 x 30 Inches with Caster Wheels

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Hally Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work 24 x 30 Inches with Caster Wheels, NSF Commercial Heavy Duty Table with Undershelf and Galvanized Legs for Restaurant, Home and Hotel

Equipped with adjustable and detachable wheels and available in five sizes, the Hally Stainless Steel Table is easy to move, allowing you to customize your space as you please.

The galvanized steel undershelf's height can be adjusted freely to suit your demands, and the table's adjustable feet come with a non-slip mat providing extra stability.

It's a breeze to assemble with our clear instructions.

This excellent product isn't limited to just your kitchen, or commercial kitchen - it is also suitable for your workshop, bar, laundry room, school, hospital, warehouse, or any commercial setting. The ample storage space this table offers is impressive, with a top shelf weight capacity of 400 lb. and an undershelf weight capacity of 300 lb.

The dimensions, 24 x 30 inches, provide ample room to store your microwave oven, kitchen utensils, or any other tools. Made from 18-gauge type 430 stainless steel with a polished surface, this table is not only durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, but it also ensures your health safety.

The unit comes with four casters so it can be easily moved. Two of the casters have a lock to keep the table stable.

Cleaning it is a snap - a simple wipe with a rag or paper, and it's as good as new!

DuraSteel Food Prep Stainless Steel Table - 24 x 30 Inch Metal Table Cart - Commercial Workbench with Caster Wheel 

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DuraSteel Food Prep Stainless Steel Table - 24 x 30 Inch Metal Table Cart - Commercial Workbench with Caster Wheel - NSF Certified - For Restaurant, Warehouse, Home, Kitchen, Garage, Chrome

The DuraSteel Food Prep Table showcases a high-quality design, crafted from 18 gauge #430 stainless steel known for its remarkable anti-corrosive properties, guaranteeing longevity and durability.

Available in a number of sizes to suit home or commercial kitchens. Not only can this robust table support up to 500 lbs, but its versatility makes it perfect for various settings.

The table also features an adjustable undershelf, giving you the flexibility to customize your storage space to fit your requirements. There is an option to buy a second undershelf to increase storage.

This certified worktable, it adheres to the highest standards, making cleaning and maintenance an absolute breeze. Despite its sturdiness, the DuraSteel table is surprisingly mobile, allowing you to move it with ease, thanks to the ingenious caster design. The casters each have a lock to keep the unit stable in place.

For safety and stability, it's recommended to not exceed a top surface weight of 150 lbs while moving the table. Easy to assemble, this table is all about convenience and efficiency.

VEVOR Stainless Steel Prep Table, 24 x 24 x 36 Inch, Heavy Duty Metal Worktable with Adjustable Undershelf & Universal Wheels

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VEVOR Stainless Steel Prep Table, 24 x 24 x 36 Inch, 600lbs Load Capacity Heavy Duty Metal Worktable with Adjustable Undershelf & Universal Wheels, Commercial Workstation for Kitchen Garage Backyard

Discover the joy of cooking with the sturdy and reliable table from VEVOR which is available in three sizes.

With its adjustable stainless steel undershelf, you can effortlessly tailor the height to suit your storage needs, fitting everything from meat grinders and food mixers to microwaves and cookware. The spacious storage zone between the two shelves can extend up to 29.3 inches, allowing you to organize your kitchen essentials just the way you like.

Designed keeping your comfort in mind, this table features four universal wheels to enhance mobility. And don't worry if you want it stationary; two of these wheels come with lockable brakes to hold the table securely . If wheels aren't your thing, feel free to swap them with the included feet.

This work prep table features premium stainless steel of enhanced strength and durability, avoiding rust and corrosion. It’s effortless for you to clean the table with a cloth to maintain its glossy appearance. As a bonus, the workbench sports rounded edges on the front and back to maximize your comfort during prolonged use.

Move over, assembly woes; this food prep table is a breeze to put together! Thanks to its straightforward design and light components, you'll have it ready within minutes by simply installing the table legs, the height of the adjustable undershelf, assembling the undershelf into the columns, and installing sleeves and wheels. So, whether you're using it in commercial kitchens, your home kitchen, garage, backyard, or garden, your new prep table is ready to roll!

ROCKPOINT Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work with Caster 30x24 Inches, with Adjustable Under Shelf

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ROCKPOINT Stainless Steel Table for Prep & Work with Caster 30x24 Inches, NSF Metal Commercial Kitchen Table with Adjustable Under Shelf and Table Foot for Restaurant, Home and Hotel

This heavy-duty table is constructed from 18-gauge #430 stainless steel, and is the perfect work surface for use in a kitchen, bar, restaurant, laundry, school, hospital, or any other commercial setting. It is NSF certified to meet strict standards for public health protection and built for high-volume use to last a lifetime.

This table features an extra heavy-duty top, an adjustable-height galvanized under-shelf for storage, and galvanized legs with adjustable non-marring feet that eliminate table wobble on uneven floors. The edges on the front and back of the tabletop are rounded for working comfort.

Equipped with 4 universal wheels (2 with brakes to keep the unit stable), makes table move smoothly and keep it place with stability. Can replace to bullet foot. Height of the table will be effected by the switch.

Feel free to decide your own storage capacity by adjustable under-shelf which sets with several levels of height to fit your needs. ROCKPOINT furniture requires easy assembly, and user-friendly instructions are included.

AmGood - Stainless Steel Table + Add Casters | Choose from 43 Sizes | NSF Metal Work Table for Kitchen Prep Utility | Commercial and Residential Applications

Explore more than 40 different table size options to find the perfect fit for your space, whether it's a commercial kitchen, garage, lab, or even a laundry room. The AmGood stainless steel work tables are not only versatile but also robustly constructed with an 18-gauge 430 stainless steel sturdy work surface, a galvanized steel bottom shelf, and legs with optional casters. What makes this table unique is its adjustable bullet feet, designed to provide stability on uneven floors and protect your flooring from scratches. You can trust in its quality as it's NSF certified, meeting the most stringent standards for public health protection. Plus, it's crafted with corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring its sustainability. This table is so easy to assemble and install, no additional tools are required! And although it's designed and finished for commercial use, and may display surface imperfections like scratches or scuffs, remember that these are just signs of its strength and endurance. Embrace this practical and efficient worktable - it's just a click away!


How thick should a stainless steel table top be?

A 16-gauge stainless steel table top is a fantastic middle ground, offering a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and resilient durability. That's about 0.0625 inches or 1.59mm in thickness - just right for most of your needs!

What causes damage to stainless steel?

While stainless steel is pretty robust, there are a few things that could harm it. These include chlorides, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, contact with iron or carbon steel, and high temperatures. But don't worry, with a little care and maintenance, stainless steel will continue to shine!

Is stainless steel hard to maintain?

You might think that maintaining stainless steel is a tough job, but in reality, it's quite simple! Sure, it might need a tad more attention than other finishes, but it's so easy to clean. With some household cleaning solutions and a bit of elbow grease, those smudges won't stand a chance!

How long does stainless steel last?

The great news is, with the right care, your stainless steel can last for decades without a hint of corrosion or rust. Thanks to its chromium content, an invisible protective layer forms that keeps oxygen at bay, preventing oxidation. So, your stainless steel will stay beautiful for years to come.

Does stainless steel rust?

Not easily! Stainless steel is a special alloy that includes at least 10.5% chromium. This amazing element reacts with air's oxygen to form a protective layer, making stainless steel incredibly resistant to rust. And with over 150 varieties available, the perfect stainless steel is waiting just for you!

What does NSF certified mean?

NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, it also is known as the Public Health and Safety Organization. NSF certification means a product or service is safe and sanitary. People can rest assured that the company has met strict standards and that consumers are safe.


Stainless steel work tables with wheels present an exceptional combination of versatility, durability, and ease of maintenance. Their resistance to corrosion and rust, thanks to their chromium content, makes them an excellent long-term investment. With the added mobility of wheels, these stainless steel work tables are perfectly suited to cater to various needs with ease. The minor maintenance they require is a small trade-off for the decades of service they promise. Whether in a commercial kitchen or a home kitchen or workshop, a stainless steel table with wheels is a stylish, practical, and durable choice that will stand the test of time. A great addition.